supplies3When getting some gifts for friends and family, I always think about getting something meaningful that they will find useful. I like to get gifts that are useful like a sports accessory that someone can use while playing their favorite sports or a good tool kit that someone can use while doing some maintenance work on their homes.

A lot of people are very concerned about being prepared for emergency and survival situations and they are wanting to get some good supplies but they don’t take the time to do it. It is always nice to give someone a disaster preparedness kit as a gift and I love giving these kinds of gifts to people. They are always pleasantly surprised to receive them.

With some good disaster preparedness kits, I can give a gift that may save someone’s life or save them a lot of trouble and hassle. I like to get a kit for friends and family members for a holiday, for a birthday, or for another special occasion. With some good preparedness kits, it is easy for me to give a gift that will be appreciated. A lot of people I know want to get a kit but find it hard to get around to actually getting one, so I can save them some hassle.

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With all of the natural disasters that have been happening around the world, I have realized that I could be the next one caught in a bad situation. I live in an area that is prone to earthquakes and there is the danger of some nearby volcanoes erupting as well. Being left out in the cold without shelter has been a big fear of mine.

I live in an apartment complex and I think about all of the dangers of that all the time. I don’t know the people who live around me and no one really knows what is on their minds or who they really are. Someone could start a fire or do something else that can easily destroy my unit and leave me outdoors without shelter.

A survival blanket is an easy way to get some good protection when facing a variety of emergency and survival situations. I like to have one in the car as well as at home and even at work. You never know if your car will suddenly break down and you will be left in the middle of nowhere during the winter or if your home suddenly gets torn down by a tornado. A good blanket is important to have.

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supplies1As I have become more aware of the dangers around me in the last few years, I have realized the importance of having some good survival supplies at home, in the office, and in the car as well. It may make a big difference and it is very wise to have some of these supplies on-hand. So many people are completely unprepared and I was one of them.

Survival and emergency supplies were something I never thought about much in the past but after being in some emergency situations that luckily were pretty minor, I realized just how helpful it is to have some good supplies around. I have had some car trouble as well as have experienced a few power outages that lasted more than one day.

With my survival equipment supplies, I can be ready for emergencies both big and small. I no longer have to go about the day feeling guilty that I am not prepared when I could be and worrying about an earthquake happening, a fire in the apartment complex where I live, or another emergency situation. My supplies help me live calmly every day. I am so glad that I decided to get them and they are very easy to store as well.

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I like to have some good emergency supplies handy for all of the adventures that I take on. I have always been a very outdoorsy person and I like to venture out into the wilderness with my brother as we go backpacking and camping. It is nice to get away from the hectic pace of my life every now and then and to just enjoy nature.

With all of the risks that we face every day as far as an emergency or a natural disaster, I just can’t calmly go about my day without having some good survival supplies handy. I used to be ignorant to the dangers around me, but I realized it is wise to be knowledgeable and to stay prepared so I have the best chance to survive.

My emergency survival supplies have been an important part of my peace of mind over the years. I love to have these supplies handy whether I am at home or I am out and about in the wilderness. They are a great way for me to stay prepared and to not worry as much. I am always looking to add to my survival kits as well, so that I have a great collection of items that may save my life.

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emergency3I grew up living in the Midwest, where there were many dangers of tornados and snow storms but earthquake preparedness is something that no one ever really thought about. My brother and I moved out to the west coast after graduating college and we have started our careers out here. We love how beautiful it is with the mountains and the water.

With the beauty that we get to see every day come many dangers as well. Our dad is a geologist and he has done a lot of seismology work too. Studying earthquakes has given him a lot of knowledge on the true dangers that lie in this area where my brother and I now live. Earthquakes tend to happen in patterns and according to the pattern, the next really big one will strike soon here.

With the knowledge of the dangers around me, I have found it really important to stock up on earthquake survival kits. These kits are a great way for me to not be always worried about an earthquake striking. I like to have one at home as well as in my car and my place of work. The kits give me emergency lighting, first aid, shelter, and more.

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I like to make sure that my family has the supplies that they need to stay safe in case we do find ourselves in an emergency or a survival situation. Having the right supplies means that we can always help ourselves be ready to face a tough situation with grace. We like to keep some good survival supplies in our basement like our survival food.

With the best food for survival, I know that my family and I will have the fuel that we need to get through a bad situation. Finding food that will last a really long time and that will give us some important nutrition in an emergency is great. We like to keep plenty of this kind of food in our basement so that we can have some peace of mind.

My family and I live in an area that is prone to tornadoes and the basement is recommended as the safe place to be in if there is a tornado in the area. That is why we like to keep a good portion of our survival supplies in the basement, including the best survival food. Finding the right survival supplies may make a huge difference in an emergency.

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emergency1I like to go on all kinds of adventures and staying safe during them is always a priority for me. Whether I am out hiking or camping or I am in my home, it is important for me to have a good emergency kit that I can take with me anywhere. Finding the right kit helps to ensure that I have what I need for my peace of mind and my safety.

There are some great compact kits that I can easily take with me on a hike or keep at home or in the car. You never know when an emergency will strike and I find that having a good kit around helps me to always be staying prepared. With a good kit of the emergency kind, I don’t have to worry as much when I am in the wilderness or am at home.

72 hour emergency survival kits have been a great way for me to stay prepared for whatever life might throw my way. I like to have these kits handy in case someone falls and scrapes themselves on a hike or my car breaks down and I have to wait for help to arrive. There are so many things that could go wrong any give minute and I don’t know how I would live calmly without my emergency kits.

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freeze dried vegetablesI live in an area with a lot of risk for tornadoes, especially during tornado season. It is important for me to have the right preparedness supplies in order to be able to face the unexpected with grace. We have been taught that the basement is the best place to go for tornado shelter and that is where we like to keep our emergency preparedness items.

Finding some quality emergency preparedness supplies for tornadoes is something that is very important in the area where we live. There are tornadoes that come near the city where we live every year and a tornado could hit our neighborhood one day. It gives us a lot of peace of mind to know that we can be prepared for a tornado emergency.

Keeping some good emergency food in the basement is something that is important to us. We need to have good nutrition in case our home gets damaged and food supply is gone. We are always looking for some handy emergency food supplies that have a long shelf life and will keep us fueled up to navigate an emergency or disaster situation. Our freeze dried vegetables are great to have not only for natural disasters, but for power outages and other emergencies.

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emergency blanketLiving in the Midwest means having to go through many cold and harsh winters. Since the car that I drive is an older car, I need to be especially safe with it in the wintertime. Getting stranded in the cold while driving is not something that I want to happen to me. I have had some unexpected winter breakdowns, which have made me realize the importance of having some good emergency supplies in my car.

There was one incident that happened not that long ago when I could’ve really used some good emergency supplies in my car. My brother and I were out snowboarding at a ski resort that was about two hours away from where we lived. We ended up being out there all day and it was dark and very cold outside when we left, which was when the ski resort closed for the day.

When my brother and I got to my car, it would not start and we realized that the battery had died from it being so cold outside. The car showed no signs of a bad battery before we went snowboarding and it was not an old battery, so this was really unexpected. Luckily, we were able to find someone to help us jump start the care and got home safely after being out in the cold, trying to solve this problem. This incident made me realize just how important it is to have an emergency blanket and other emergency supplies handy in my car.

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swiss army pocket knifeI am someone who loves to go on an outdoor adventure and it is something that I am always looking forward to doing. Whether I am going on a camping trip or on a hike to the peak of a tall mountain, there is always a new adventure that is calling my name. With the right supplies, I can always stay perfectly safe and ready in the wilderness.

Finding some quality outdoor supplies means that I will always be ready to rough it out in the wild. I like to get out into remote areas and really get away from civilization. It is always fun to go on outdoor trips with my brother and to enjoy exploring and all of the fulfillment that comes from being out in nature with him. We love to challenge ourselves out in the wilderness.

My brother and I are very active and we are always trying to climb higher and to go further when we are outdoors. With our handy tools like a Swiss Army pocket knife, we always have what we need when we are outdoors. The pocket knife is compact and holds sixteen different tools in it. The knife is perfect for outdoor convenience anywhere and is one of our essentials.

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